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Hope Squad

After principal Greg Hudnall was asked to identify the body of student who had taken his life in the public park next to his high school, he made a commitment to do everything in his power help prevent suicide in his district. Through community partners the Circles4Hope community suicide prevention model was developed, which led to the school-based peer leadership program Hope Squad. Hope Squads seek to reduce self-destructive behavior and youth suicide by training, building, and creating change in schools and communities. Members are empowered to recognize signs of suicide contemplation, and how to properly and respectfully report this to an adult. LEARN MORE

San Juan Student Advocacy Services & Peacemaking

Student advocates in the San Juan School District are available to help resolve conflicts and remedy barriers to learning, support vulnerable populations of students at high risk for truancy and dropping out of school, or transitioning between school and treatment programs or the juvenile justice system, and help families find supports that will promote student success. LEARN MORE

TRIO Upward Bound

The Upward Bound (UB) Program assists high school students in developing the academic skills and motivation needed to successfully complete high school and to enter and succeed in college. Students receive educational, cultural, and social experiences academic advising, tutoring and workshops, as well as opportunities to visit colleges and universities. LEARN MORE

UNHS In-school Behavioral Health Therapies

School-based services are provided in a safe, nurturing classroom within Aneth Community School, to students whose teachers, parents, or other primary care givers have concerns in regard to their behavior, mood, or academic performance. Examples include, but are not limited to, bullying, lack of friends, experimental substance use, past trauma, ADHD, depression, anxiety or acute stress. LEARN MORE 

UNHS Supported Education

Supported education helps young people develop their adult roles and pursue educational and personal recovery goals. Services include career planning, academic survival skills, assistance during enrollment and financial planning, contact and coordination with campus resources. LEARN MORE


UNITY has served the leadership needs of American Indian and Alaska Native youth for 40 years. It’s a national organization with over 160 youth councils operating in 36 states and Canada, helping Native American youth across the country take charge of their lives and make a difference in the areas of community service, heritage, healthy lifestyles and environment. LEARN MORE

Local Councils

Monument Valley High School Unity Advisors
Raynard Cowboy and Dinah Holiday
Phone: 435-678-1208

This is a voluntary club under the Native Youth Grant, and they meet once a week. Location is at the high school, not sure what room. Anyone can join, that is in high school.

Junior Unity Club Advisor
Danielle Shirley
Student Advocacy
Tse’bii’nidzisgai Elementary
Phone: 435-678-1167
Fax: 435-678-1244



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